Join our Email list! recognizes the traditional and changing role of fathers in American culture. While mothers generally remain the primary caregivers of young children, there is no doubt that the importance of the father role is increasingly being acknowledged and recognized. is for Everyone!

There are 66.3 million dads in the US who are, on average, 29 years old. Unlike the Ward Cleaver of Leave it to Beaver fame or the many terminally bumbling dads portrayed in most movies and television shows, today’s dad is an active and involved parent according to 60% of moms in a recent survey.

What’s more, 87% of today’s’ dads change diapers and feel they are at their best when playing with their kids or helping with their homework versus only 15% who feel they are at their best when at work. Three out of every 10 dads even make dinner 4-5 times a week. provides a place for dads – and moms – to get information about the valuable role fathers have on families and children, and to exchange ideas on gifts for themselves, their partners or their kids.

The AmericanDad blog provides a place where dads can meet and exchange thoughts, ideas and other information with dads throughout the US and the world.

Unlike the Fox Television Networks bumbling superhero, the real American Dad, whether part of the child’s primary residence or not, is an essential part of the foundation for raising well rounded productive children.

Traditionally, when women become parents, their primary identity becomes Mom. When men become parents, they are not traditionally identified primarily as Father, but more as a guy with kids. Their identity is modified, not changed., salutes all the guys with kids everywhere.
Dads Swap Stories,‘Meetup’ On-line at and And, because dads don’t always think like moms there's, which offers a dad’s-eye-view of just about every topic associated with Dad-hood.